You can currently pay your Decatur County Rural Water 5 different ways:

1) Mail your payment to: Decatur County Rural Water Corporation
                                             3455 North Old US Highway 421
                                             Greensburg, IN 47240-9371

2) Bring your payment to our Rural Water Office at 3455 North Old US Highway 421. A drop slot is available for after hour payment.

3) Direct Payment Debits (ACH Debits)

4) Visa or Mastercard payments can be made by phone at 812.663.3119.

5) Make a payment Online at our website.

If you would like to have your monthly bill payment deducted directly from your checking account each month, you may now do so by completing the ACH Authorization form below. Please download and complete the form and either send it in to our office or bring it in to our office with a canceled check.


Click here to download the ACH Debit Agreement Form